Recent Web Sites
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Speedfactory -
Designed and built specialty automaker website. [HTML, CSS, Flash, blog]

Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep -
Designed and built retail automotive website. [HTML, CSS, Flash, SEO, Google Adwords]

Adams Motorsports Park -
Designed logo and built racetrack website. [HTML, CSS, Flash, video]

Go Racing Magazine -
Designed and built racing magazine website. [HTML, CSS, Flash, digital publication, ecommerce]

AiM Sports, LLC -
Built site which includes a Movable Type customized web log, RSS feeds and an online store. Wrote most site content, some blog content and provided photography.
[HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, blog, ecommerce]

Apartment Management Magazine -
Designed and built website. [HTML, CSS, blog, Flash, digital publication, classified real estate sales, CMS, Wordpress]

Premiere Golf Solutions -
Designed logo and website. [HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, Flash]

XceedID Corporation -
Designed website, manage collateral and email marketing. [HTML, CSS, SEO]

Upside Thinking -
Designed new website using existing logo and added custom Movable Type web log.
[HTML, CSS, Javascript, blog]

Circle of Strength -
Revised existing site design, rebuilt online store, added custom Movable Type web log. [HTML, CSS, Javascript, blog, ecommerce]

Ratsch Engineering -
Designed website, includes a slideshow portfolio. [HTML, CSS, Javascript]

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